Naomi is an Experimental Director and Creative with a deep passion for popular culture. Having grown up in various cities, she has amassed a wealth of experiences that later became the driving force behind her storytelling. Through her work, Naomi strives to shed light on untold narratives and bring them to life. Collaboration holds a special place in Naomi's creative process, as she believes it to be a crucial element in crafting compelling stories. Working alongside renowned brands such as Acer, Shea Moisture, ELLE magazine and McDonald's, she has successfully created captivating visual narratives that embody her strong artistic vision.
Naomi approaches every project with boundless enthusiasm and a contagious smile. Her innate ability to uncover profound insights allows her to infuse projects with depth and authenticity, leaving a lasting impact on both the audience and collaborators alike. Naomi is all about people's life stories and personalities and can bring a fountain of insights to any project with a big smile.

2013: Internship Marketing Projects - Redbull Studios, Jagermusic and Vodafone Firestarters - Protein 

                                                   2016: Photography Exhibition on Communication - Stedelijk Museum (ADCN)                                                 
2015 - 2019: Advertising specialised in critical studies - Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam               
2017: Visual Communication - Semester exchange at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 
                                                             2017: Freelance Creative, Concept Development - Carlsberg, Danmark                                                             
2017 - 2018: Internship Creative Projects - IKEA, Carlsberg, Meny and Nutramino - CP+B Copenhagen       
2018: Research partner for Change - maker challenge- Conscious cosmetics won competition- Dopper   
2018: Summer Internship Creative, Concept Development - Ogilvy 
2019: Art Exhibition Casting My Father- Art room MINA (won a bronze ADCN lamp)
2019 - 2021: Films Creative - MediaMonks
2022 - 2022 Creative - HERC 
2021 - present: represented by Vigics 
2022 - Present: Freelance Director 
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