I was given the task of creating three films to demonstrate the process of creating personalized cinema gift cards digitally. My main goal was to ensure that these films were dynamic and showcased the karakters involved in crafting the cards. It was crucial to present the gift cards in the best and clearest way possible, allowing viewers to easily understand how to use them. To achieve this, I incorporated smart shots using a phone's point-of-view (POV) and overlaid the interface with people, resulting in fun and engaging films. In fact, the films turned out to be so enjoyable and dynamic that the client requested three additional films, each longer than the original request. Sit back, enjoy the films, and feel inspired to create your own personalized cinema gift card.

Client: De nationale bioscoopbon
agency: Selmore

Production company: Vigics 
Producer: Michelle van huisstede
Production Manager: Vera de Bode
Director: Naomi Brusselman
D.O.P: Sam Vis
1st AD: Boris Apituley
1st AC: tein brouwers
Gaffer: Chris van Marle
Best boy: Gino Wouters
SoundRecordist: Jan Le Poole
Set Artdirection: Sophie Draper
Stylist: Giulia Lach de Bere
Hair & make up: Sha Vlijter
Production Assist: Kevin Fung 
grading: het Kleurlokaal 

catering: Maxime Tevreden

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